Oh Yeah

Oh Yeah - Screen Recording.mp4

This song is about a smooth rich guy singing about the lavish life he lives. Lots of this song was inspired by Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk", which I aimed for this song to have the same feel as. On the sheet music, some of the notes for the singing part are replaced with x's and indicate words that are meant to be spoken instead of sung. In the choruses, the idea for the melody and harmony part for the rock organ was something that I've had in my mind for years, but never found a song to put it in until now.


Composers: Shih-Chieh Chen

Duration: 5 min.

First Written: March 2019

Updated: 4/13/2021


Oh Yeah.pdf


[Verse 1]

Eight in the morning kickin’ outta bed

Get the energy flowin’, let out all the dread

Call my butler over, bring a beverage

Cause today we out to go get some bread

In these busy streets, hot dang busy streets

I be strollin’ down in these slacks so sweet

These people here who got places to be

They’ll step aside, step aside for me

And the ladies here, see me walkin’ by

Pullin’ off the shades, so to catch a sight

Checkin’ out my looks, cause I feel so fly

Nothin’ here gonna ruin this style of mine

Got the hair, and the shades, and the shoes and the coat

And ya can’t forget that bod, oh no!

Just to show my quirks, gotta give ‘em a wink

So to sweep ‘em off, sweep ‘em off their feet

[Pre-Chorus 1]

And never call me insignificant

I’ll never ever be irrelevant

Cause I’m always the one

Who’s at the top

I’m so cool I can’t reiterate

Exactly just how I’m so great

Oh yeah!

[Chorus 1]

Can’t help but say “Oh yeah!”

Can’t help but shout “Oh yeah!” Come on!

Oh yeah! Come on!


[Verse 2]

At the bar, here to get respect

Grab a quick drink, then I drop a check

All these eyes here, checkin’ out my gleam

As I say to everyone “Dinner’s on me!”

By the curb, comes my limousine

Steppin’ on in, hear all the sweeties

Cause when you got a guy so fine such as I

There’s no doubtin’ that he’s up so high

And my butler here, right behind the wheel

As I lay in the back, cause the chill is real

This cruisin’ here, just feels so nice

Nothin’ here gonna ruin these vibes tonight

Hit the pool, and the club, and the theater too

Cause without a few pit stops, can’t do!

All around these blocks, I’m loved

And this night, tonight, I'll make the most of

[Pre-Chorus 2]

So much sharper than your kitchen knife

Better watch out before I steal your wife

Cause I’m always the cream of the crop

Got more class than a royal king or queen

Even slicker than the floor of a new ice rink

[Chorus 2]

Can’t help but say “Oh yeah!” Come on!

Can’t help but shout “Oh yeah!” Come on!

Oh yeah! Come on!



{Whisper Spoken} So fine,

No fool ever gonna get under my skin

So fly,

There ain’t goin’ be a time where I don’t take the win

So fine,

Even the president dazzles from my sight

So fly,

It doesn’t take much from me to dissolve a fight

So fine,

One look at me and they’ll get the gist

So fly,

Nobody gettin’ in the way of all this bliss

So fine,

No spark of mine ever gonna get diffused

So fly,

Don’t try and beat me it ain’t no use

[Final Chorus]

Oh yeah!

Can’t help but say “Oh yeah!”

Feelin’ so good gotta shout out, “Oh, yeah!”


[End of Song]